To all of my readers  

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have written in. I am glad you found this site useful and hope that you will continue to visit us for your web needs.

  Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Q: "Do you have a Pay Pal account?" or "How do I make a donation?"
A: No. I do not accept donations. If you would like to donate, I would recommend donating to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches. They do alot of good for our children.

Q: "Can you help me with a script"
A: I would be more than happy to look at your script if you are having problems getting it to work properly. Sometimes, it takes another set of eyes to find the problem.

What I will not do is write your script for you. If you want a custom script built just for you by someone else, you are most likely going to have to pay for it. As I do not do that, I suggest you search the Internet for those that do. There are plenty of people on the web that will write your forms for you for a fee. I do not happen to be one of them.

Q: "I notice you do not have any Flash designs. Do you do those?"
A: Yes, I do. The designs I display on the website are easy to set up and free to download and use. I do not charge anything for those. I do charge for developing and maintaining corporate and personal websites. Some of these are simple and some are very complex. It depends on the customers' wants and needs.

Q: "Do you teach classes?"
A: Yes. I instruct courses in Microsoft Office applications, web design and Internet security.