Uncle Jim's Microsoft Office Tutorial and Tips - Outlook 2000 Tips and Tricks
Outlook 2000 Tips And Tricks

Change That Font
Change That Sound
Change The Data File Location
Change Your Perspective
Destination: Mail
Ditch That Splash Screen
Filter The News
Mail Back-Up Made Easy
Make That Link Live
Newsgroup Server Time Out
Don't Forget The Holidays
Save And Use Those Cool Images
Save That Sound
Save That Stationery
Send That Mail HTML
Sending An Excel File Via Email
View Those Replies
You Too Can Become A Journalist
Abbreviate Those Suckers
Change Your Title Bar
Delayed Mail
Import Those Addresses
Import Those Messages
Move Backwards Shift-Spacebar
Page Down With The Space Bar
Re-size Those Columns
Send Someone A Page
Talk To The Hand
View That HTML
Work Offline
Working The Swing Shift
Add Background Images
Create E-Mail Messages Offline
Delete Those Holidays
Don't Open Suspect Attachments
Email Follow Up
Holiday Madness
Limit That Download
Peek Under The Hood
Quick Toggle
Save That Space
Size Those Folders
Slide Show
Turn Down The Sound